Wiscasset firefighter with cancer linked to 9/11 asks people to donate blood, platelets

A nation-wide shortage of blood platelets kept Hackensack FF Rich Kubler, who suffers from stage 4 liver cancer, from having a much-needed biopsy. His family and friends organized a blood drive so that he could get the blood he needed.

Kubler is urging anyone who can do so to donate blood and/or platelets, reports Darcie Moore for the Times Record

His cancer is thought to have been caused by his four days at the World Trade Center site after the terrorist attacks.

He moved to Maine last year.

According to the American Red Cross, donating platelets takes roughly 3 hours and can’t be done at a blood drive. Platelets can be donated at select American Red Cross Donation Centers which requires an appointment that can be scheduled online or by calling 1-800-RED CROSS.

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