Westminster terror attack: Driver arrested after car mows down cyclists and ploughs into Parliament barrier

London Telegraph reporters Danny Boyle, Helena Horton, Harry Yorke, and Patrick Sawer are providing up-to-the-minute coverage of today’s Westminster terrorist attack.

A car mowed down some cyclists, none of whom have life-threatening injuries, and crashed into a security barricade near the spot where another terrorist attack took place 17 months ago.

At least three people have been injured.

The driver of the car is under arrest.

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L.A.’s rail system will be first in the U.S. to use scanners that detect explosives

Los Angeles County’s rail system will begin using portable body scanners in an effort to detect possible weapons of mass destruction, reports Laura J. Nelson for the LA Times. LA will be the first city in the U.S. to use scanners.

The devices, which look like trunks, can be moved to any of the 93 light-rail or subway stations. They can be deployed during events that attract crowds, or when there is a specific terrorist threat.

The scanners can find weapons from 30 feet away using radio waves. They can search roughly 2,000 people in an hour, and do not require passengers to queue or slow foot traffic. While 2,000 people an hour is only a small percentage of average crowds, it is an improvement on prior equipment.

Passengers will be warned of the search before being scanned.

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Push to find organ donors for those sickened at ground zero after 9/11 attacks

Among the thousands of people sickened by their work at the World Trade Center recovery operation or by their proximity to the site of the attacks are many who need organs, reports WABC’s Eyewitness News.

Along with a host of illnesses such as thyroid, prostate, and blood cancers, kidney cancer is now afflicting many people affected by the terrorist attacks of 9/11.

The World Trade Center Health Program’s Dr. Michael Crane told reporters, “[Kidney cancer is] certainly related to the exposure, there’s no doubt in my mind. We do seem to be having them picked up at a point where we can treat them effectively. As you know also it’s not one of the ones where we can screen effectively.”

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