NYC Firefighter Ronnie Gies achieves his father’s dream of becoming an FDNY lieutenant

FDNY Firefighter Ronnie Gies, Jr. will become a lieutenant today, the rank his father, FDNY Firefighter Ronald Gies, Sr., studied for and would have made had he not been killed in the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.

“I’m going to be thinking about him when I get on the stage. I’m going to let him know I’m doing this for him,” the younger FF Gies told Thomas Tracy of the New York Daily News. 

FF Gies was 16 when his father was killed, and had planned to become a sports agent. He joined the FDNY in 2008. His elder brother joined the FDNY in 2004.

“If my dad was still alive today I wouldn’t be a firefighter. He was my best friend and the best dad and he loved this job.”

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UFC champion Israel Adesanya is forced to apologise for sick 9/11 remark at a press conference after vowing to make his opponent “crumble like the Twin Towers”

UFC middleweight champion Israel Adesanya, 30, has apologized for threatening his opponent in an upcoming fight that he would “crumble like the Twin Towers”, reports Jack Kinnersley for the Daily Mail. 

The apology, made via Instagram, read in part, “I never made a joke about people dying or made light of the tragic event that was 9/11. I was simply rambling and my brain worked faster than my mouth in a moment to (choose) the wrong euphemism.”

“You speak on the mic enough times and you’re bound to miss the mark with some bars. I did on this one and for that I’m sorry. I’ll be more careful in (the) future with my words.”

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Dozens of firefighters repair vandalized 9/11 memorial in Plymouth

More than 25 of Plymouth, Massachusetts firefighters repaired their town’s September 11th memorial after vandals damaged it last week. In addition to fixing the damage, they added new flags, cleaned the memorial’s granitework, and mulched, reports WCVB5.

The memorial’s electrical box and a lamp were damaged and a statue of a police officer was broken in the cruel act of vandalism.

The Plymouth firefighters’ union sent out a tweet that said, “We are firefighters. We never forget.”

Video can be seen here.

Just a week before the memorial was vandalized, historic Plymouth Rock was spray painted by vandals. It isn’t known whether the same people are responsible for both crimes.

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