New memorial honoring NY DEA officers who died of World Trade Center-related illness

A new memorial plaque was unveiled on December 5, 2022 to honor New York Drug Enforcement Task Force officers who died of World Trade Center-related illnesses.

This plaque shows a bronze flag engraved with the seven names of the DEA’s New York Drug Enforcement Task Force who have died, who are New York State Police Senior Investigator Thomas G. Moran, Jr. –  died July 22, 2012; New York City Police Department Detective Traci L. Tack-Czajkowski – died January 15, 2013; New York City State Police Investigator Paul R. Stuewer – died October 5, 2016; New York City Police Department Detective Mark Mkwanazi – died February 16, 2017; New York City Police Department Sergeant Robert P. Masci – died June 9, 2018; New York City Police Department Detective Thomas J. Barnitt – died June 11, 2018; and New York City Police Department Detective Terence P. Mulvey – died December 1, 2021.

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NYC appeals judge’s pension ruling linking ALS to 9/11 toxins; victim’s widow slams city stance in case

In a cruel blow to the many people with World Trade Center-linked neurological conditions, the city of New York has appealed a court decision granting a WTC pension to the widow of NYPD Detective Michael Hanson, who died from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (“Lou Gehrig’s disease”) in 2018.

The city first put Cathy Hanson through multiple extensions before making its decision, reports Thomas Tracy for the New York Daily News. 

“Every time I get one of these legal notifications about his case, I relive his illness, his bravery,” Cathy Hanson said. “[The city] should do what’s right for the responders who wouldn’t hesitate to help others again without any thought of themselves.”

Never forget, indeed.

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Veteran steps up to restore vandalized Pleasant Hill 9/11 Memorial

The Twin Towers Memorial in Pleasant Hills, CA, near San Francisco was recently covered in graffiti by vandals.

When he saw the damage, National Guard Iraq veteran Israel Massallo worked to make it clean again, reports CBS News.

Thank you!

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