The outrage over use of 9/11 memorial in TV show filming

A scene from the television show Billions depicting a conversation and an arrest on the 9/11 Memorial Plaza has sparked controversy, report Susan Edelman, Dean Balsamini and Melkorka Licea in the New York Post. The May 7, 2017 episode of the popular Showtime program was regarded as disrespectful by many people in the September 11th community and others.

The program has restarted conversations about the usage of the World Trade Center site for commercial or entertainment purposes. Many people, especially those who never received remains of their loved ones, regard the Memorial Plaza as a graveyard.

The show Billions is not new to controversy. Its main character, played by Damian Lewis, is a financial wizard whose wife was killed in the terrorist attacks of 9/11.

Credits from the program thanked the National September Memorial and Museum.

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