Five canine teams complete MTA anti-terrorism training and begin active service

Homeland Security Today reports that the Metropolitan Transportation Authority Police Department has graduated five new officer/K-9 teams from their explosives detection and anti-terrorism training on Friday, February 7, 2020. They were honored during a ceremony at Grand Central Terminal.

The new teams are

Police Officer Salvatore Suleti and his new partner K-9 Goose, named in honor of FDNY Lieutenant and USAF Master Sergeant Christopher Raguso, killed serving in Afghanistan;

Police Officer Tommy Long and K-9 JD, named in honor of NYPD ESU Officer John D’Allara, killed on 9/11;

Police Officer Richard Deneker and K-9 Chris, named in honor of NYPD Sergeant Christopher Christodoulou, who died of World Trade Center-related illness;

Police Officer Ashley Torres and K-9 Artie, named in honor of Nassau County ESU Officer Arthur Lopez, who was shot in the line of duty; and

Police Officer Daniel Bradbury and K-9 Joey, named in honor of FDNY Firefighter Joseph Henry, killed on 9/11.

A K-9 who recently died, K-9 Timo, named in honor of NYPD Detective Russell Timoshenko, who was shot in the line of duty, was also honored at the ceremony. Timo was the partner of Police Officer Michael Sachar.

Video of the ceremony can be seen here.

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