8 PAPD Officers honored for disarming and capturing the December 11, 2017 subway bomber

Our friends at the Port Authority Benevolent Association just announced that New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo’s office will award eight members of the Port Authority Police Department a Certificate of Exceptional Valor for apprehending and disarming the December 11, 2017, New York City Subway bomber. The officers are, front row, left to right: P.O. Sean Gallagher, P.O. Drew Preston, Sgt. Hector Martinez, Sgt. Victor Talamini. Rear row, left to right: P.O. Anthony Manfredini, Lt. Miriam Rubio, P.O. Jack Collins, P.O. Anthony Estevez. Congratulations and our thanks to all of them.  #PAPDPROTECTSNYNJ #PAPD

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