Yogi, the firehouse dog named for 9/11 hero Ruben Correa, dies at 15

Yogi, the beloved Dalmatian of FDNY’s E-74, has died at 15.

Yogi was named to honor Ruben Correa, a firefighter who made the supreme sacrifice during the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center on  September 11, 2001. “Yogi was his nickname from playing softball with the house so we decided to name the dog after him in honor of him,”  Firefighter John Keaveny told Lisa Kava for the West Side Rag.

“Yogi was a fan favorite of all the kids in the area from the schools trip to the firehouse to learn about what a fireman does and how not to be afraid and get out if there is smoke or fire or an emergency,”  Keaveny said. “Yogi had many tricks, but the one the neighborhood knew was to ring the bell in the back of the house. Every time the kids would come by they would always ask for Yogi to ring the bell and he loved it he would jump up and come back to the front and the kids would give him a little snack.”

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