‘The public has forgotten’: 9/11 family members lament justice delayed at Guantanamo Bay

Family members of some of those killed in the 9/11 terrorist attacks attended the Guantanamo Bay military hearings against the accused plotters of the attacks. Seven of them spoke to Jerry Dunleavy of the Washington Examiner, reminiscing about the people they lost and hoping that the trial will begin next January as planned.

Marc Flagg has come to the hearings before, to honor his parents, who were aboard American Airlines Flight 77 when terrorists crashed it into the Pentagon.

He said, “We all want to see this go to trial. And the sooner, the better for everybody.”

Ken Fairben was on his fourth trip to Guantanamo Bay, for his son, Keith, who was a paramedic killed while responding to the attacks.

“As long as I’m invited, I will continue to come and be here ….” he said. “But it’s forgotten. The general public has forgotten. It has no effect on them.”

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