Tribute Exhibition

This fall the 9/11 Tribute Center will open a new exhibit, Rebuilding the World Trade Center, offering sweeping vistas, several “fly-through” animations and “everything-you-wanted-to-know” facts and inter-actives about the new World Trade Center Towers.

The exhibit features personal stories about the rebuilding of the World Trade Center and the community of Lower Manhattan that surrounds it, told by those who are a part of the rebuilding effort. “The World Trade Center site is really at the heart of Lower Manhattan and its rebuilding. As the buildings rise, Lower Manhattan’s central core is being restored and coming back. It’s the epicenter, it’s what people from all over the world come to see.” Robin Forst, Director of External Relations, Lower Manhattan Construction Command Center and Resident.

“There’s nothing that’s been more important to New Yorkers than rebuilding the Trade Center. These buildings are beautifully designed. They’re each iconic. I hope when people look back, they’ll feel that we did a first-class quality job.” Larry Silverstein, President and Chief Executive Officer Silverstein Properties.

9/11 Memorial, community, transportation and the new WTC towers will create a revolutionary change in Lower Manhattan. “The crystalline top of the tower [WTC 2] respects the master plan and bows down to the Memorial Park commemorating the tragic events that unfolded here. But it is also a powerful symbol of hope for the future. The dramatic height of the tower celebrates the spirit that has historically driven Manhattan to build tall, and the diamond-shaped top will be a crowning landmark on the city’s skyline.” said architect Lord Norman Foster, Foster + Partners.

The exhibition will open in November 2012. The 9/11 Tribute Center will host several programs over the next year with partners in the rebuilding sharing details about the progress.

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