Staten Island woman slammed by widows for stealing from charity for slain NYPD officers

Lorraine Shanley, while acting as treasurer for Survivors of the Shield and posing as a supported of the charity, stole $406,000 from them.

The widows she hurt and the honest employees of the charity she scammed spoke out against her prior to her sentencing next week, reports Stephen Rex Brown for the New York Daily News.

Mary Beth O’Neill, widow of an officer killed in 1984, and a co-founder of Survivors of the Shield, wrote, “She had stolen from this organization that was founded out of honor and respect. I along with the other survivors was once again a victim of crime. And the tears began to flow, but not for me or my beloved organization, but for the men and women of the NYPD who so generously gave to Survivors of the Shield.”

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