‘St. Nicholas will be the most visited church in USA’ leaving turbulent past behind: Michael Psaros

Michael Psaros, the vice-chairman of the Friends of Saint Nicholas, says that construction on the long-awaited church should begin later this month.

“We are not just building this extraordinary monument of Orthodoxy but we also building a memorial to all those  slaughtered, murdered, massacred and martyred on September the 11th,” he told Tasos Kokkinidis of Greek Reporter.

Psaros says that $6,000,000 have been raised and spent already and that the Friends are raising another $36,000,000. Nearly that amount has already been pledged by a variety of non-profits and supporters.

Archbishop Elpidophoros, the US head of the Greek Orthodox Church promised that Saint Nicholas will open by the twentieth anniversary of the terrorist attacks, September 11, 2021.

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