Solemn ceremony honors fallen federal officers at Federal Law Enforcement Training Center

United States Marshal Kenneth Doyle was honored with five other officers on Tuesday at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center as part of Peace Officers Memorial Day.

Kenneth Doyle died in July, 2017 of World Trade Center-related cancer. His widow and daughter attended the ceremony, reports Larry Hobbs of The Brunswick News. 

The other fallen federal officers honored were U.S. Department of Transportation officer David J. Hoefler, IRS criminal investigator Alex Moran, Immigration and Naturalization Service Border Patrol Agent Lawrence B. Pierce, and Customs and Border Protection Border Patrol agents Rogelio Martinez and Isaac Morales.

More than 90 agencies train their officers at the Brunswick Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, and more than 60,000 officers train there annually. Since 1970, 225 federal law enforcement officers have been killed in the line of duty.

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