Roxbury cop and former Marine Thomas Denicola departs to fight 9/11-related cancer

Roxbury Police Patrolman Thomas Denicola has retired, the better to deal with his World Trade Center-related multiple myeloma.

Denicola, 47, as a US Marine, guarded the World Trade Center site after the terrorist attacks. He also served two tours in the Middle East during his Marine Corps career. Denicola then joined the New York City Police Department in 2002, then the Roxbury PD in 2007. His twin brother Frank is an NYPD officer.

Thomas Denicola is the first police officer in New Jersey to benefit from a recently passed law that allows disability coverage to non-NYC police and firefighters with World Trade Center-related illnesses. Without the new legislation, Denicola would have been forced to serve another six years before retirement, reported Fred J. Aun for TapInto Roxbury.

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