Rally held Sunday honoring Staten Island’s NYPD fallen heroes

A ceremony honoring those Staten Island’s NYPD officers who were killed in the line of duty were honored Sunday morning to begin National Police Week, writes Jon Reyes in the Staten Island Advance.

The NYPD officers killed in the line of duty since 1922 while living or working on Staten Island include

  • Russel Timoshenko, 23, of Bay Terrace was killed when suspects opened fire after he pulled over a stolen vehicle in Brooklyn in 2007.
  • James Leahy, 38, of Mariners Harbor, died in the September 11 terrorist attacks.
  • Detectives James V. Nemorin, 36, of Baldwin, L.I., and Rodney J. Andrews, 34, of Brooklyn, were murdered in March of 2003 while working an undercover buy-and-bust operation in Tompkinsville.
  • Officer John Kelly, 31, of Huguenot, died in a car accident in August 2000 while pursing a stolen motorcycle.
  • Officer Matthew Dziergowski, 39, of Oakwood, was killed on Valentine’s Day, 1999, when a speeding vehicle slammed into his car while he was guarding an accident scene near the Outerbridge.
  • Housing Police Officer Gerard Carter, 28, of Mariners Harbor, was shot in 1998 on the grounds of the West Brighton housing complex.
  • Officer Luis Lopez, 35, of West Brighton, was shot during a failed buy-and-bust operation in Manhattan’s East Village in March 1993.
  • Francis LaSala, 33, died in 1987 of injuries sustained after dashing into a burning building in Manhattan.
  • In 1982, Robert Seton-Harris, 46, died of a heart attack in the line of duty while serving in the 122nd Precinct.
  • In 1979, Robert Manzione, 39, collapsed and died while chasing an alleged robber in Manhattan.
  • Also in 1979, Officer Thomas Schimenti, 35, of Sunnyside, was shot to death on a crowded street outside of Grand Central Terminal, Manhattan.
  • Joseph Garcia of the Sixth Precinct was shot during a robbery in 1975.
  • New Dorp resident Rocco Laurie, 23, was killed in a Manhattan ambush by Black Liberation Army militants in 1972.
  • Edward Monzillo of Highway Unit 2 died in an auto accident while on patrol in 1966.
  • Henry A. Walburger of the Ninth Precinct was shot during a burglary in 1964.
  • In 1943, Mathew McCormick, a sergeant in the 120th Precinct, died in an automobile accident.
  • In 1941, Norman K. Dixon of the 120th Precinct, died in an automobile accident.
  • Joseph J. McBreen of the former Emergency Service Squad 10 out of the 120th Precinct died in a building collapse in 1937.
  • John H. A. Wilson of the 1st Precinct in Manhattan was shot by two suspects while he was investigating a burglary in a gold refinery on Fulton Street in 1937.
  • In 1922, John Kennedy of the 123rd Precinct died in the line of duty. Advance records could not determine the cause of death.
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