Port Authority said to seek support for new WTC ‘Sphere’ site

The final decision on the permanent location for the Fritz Koenig Sphere may be near, reports Carl Glassman in the Tribeca Trib .

Several members of downtown’s Community Board 1 members say that a Port Authority official has encouraged them to support the removal of the sculpture to the new Liberty Park, which is due to open this summer. Liberty  Park sits atop the Vehicle Security Center south of the World Trade Center.

“The easiest spot for [the authority] is to plop it down in Liberty Park,” said committee member Anthony Notaro. “If we just say, ‘OK, that’s a good idea,’ then that’s what they’re going to do.”

Many, many people think the Sphere should return to its former home on the Memorial Plaza. Memorial officials have been adamant about refusing this, citing design issues.

9/11 family member Michael Burke remains the leading advocate for returning the Sphere to Memorial Plaza.

“Liberty Park should be left for Downtowners and the Memorial Plaza is where any and all 9/11 material belongs,” said Burke, whose brother, FDNY Captain William F. Burke, was killed during the attacks.

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