Pittsburgh synagogue plans reopening after deadly shooting

Leaders of the Pittsburgh’s Tree of Life Synagogue where 11 worshipers were shot and killed and seven more were injured on October 27, 2018 want to renovate the building, to make a statement against hatred and to form a “center for Jewish life in the United States.”

“We are poised to become an incredible center for Jewish life in the United States,” a statement by Tree of Life’s Rabbi Jeffrey Myers, who survived the shooting, said. “When we reopen, and we most certainly will, I want the entire world to say, ‘Wow, look at what they have done.’ To do anything less disrespects the memory of our 11 martyrs.”

The statement also said that Tree of Life leaders will consider viewpoints of the victims’ family members, survivors, witnesses, members from all three congregations affected,  and others during planned “listening sessions,” Tree of Life said in its statement.

A memorial to the 11 people killed is planned, whether or not another memorial is built in Pittsburgh, reports the Associated Press.

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