Flotilla of small boats launched Dunkirk-like rescue of thousands of Mozambique beheading bloodbath survivors who fled to beaches to escape Islamic State-backed jihadis

More news of last week’s terrorist attack on the Mozambique town of Palma is becoming available. Jack Newman and Sophie Tanno of the Daily Mail, report news of an incredible Dunkirk-like water rescue of thousands of survivors.

Survivor Brendon Bekker of Zimbabwe was saved by one of the boat crews. He saw a colleague shot to death after boarding a boat.

Small boats of all kinds saved thousands by transporting them from Palma to Pemba, 150 miles away.

Terrorist gunmen raided Palma last week, killing at least seven, actual numbers being impossible to count. Palma contains a large natural gasworks where many locals and expatriates work. The terrorists retain control of the town.

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