Failure to pass Biden’s Build Back Better plan threatens funding for 9/11 health care program

If the Build Back Better legislation does not pass Congress, the funding gap in the World Trade Center health program — which amounts to almost $3 billion — will have to be filled another way.

The funding was included in the Build Back Better bill as it has proven difficult to fund individual 9/11 bills.

Funding is needed as more people than expected have become ill from their work after the 9/11 terrorist attacks; many of the sick have expensive conditions such as cancer.

Sufficient funds are in the WTC health funding for next year, but after that, without more money, services to those who served after the terrorist attacks would have to be cut, reports Michael McAuliff for the New York Daily News.

Sadly, begging for funding for the desperately ill is very familiar to those sick from their work at the World Trade Center, as they have had to fight and plead for funds for more than 15 years now.

Some of New York’s politicians have promised, if necessary, to fund the WTC health program in other ways.

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