Eighteen names added to NYC’s Police Memorial Wall

Eighteen names were added to the Police Memorial Wall in a ceremony today in Battery Park City, Manhattan reports nypdnews.com

Created in honor of those who lost their lives in the line of duty, the Police Memorial is located at Liberty Street and South End Avenue, and was dedicated on October 20, 1997.

The wall along the edge of the memorial holds the names of the officers and the dates on which they were killed.

The small fountain residing outside the formal memorial represents the rookie’s first day. The water flows down the flume past the granite wall, representing death, and then falls into the open pool. The remaining area around the pool is referred to as the “Sacred Precinct,” where contemplation is encouraged.

The wall now has 828 names engraved.

The names added today:
Detective Brian Moore – 105 Precinct Medal of Honor
Detective Randolph Holder – PSA 5 Medal of Honor

The following members died in the line of duty as a result of 9/11-related illnesses, and received the Distinguished Service Medal.

Deputy Chief Steven Bonano – Patrol Bureau Brooklyn South
Inspector James Guida – Narcotics Division
Captain Scott Stelmok – 103 Precinct
Sergeant Patrick Murphy – Emergency Service Unit 5
SergeantStephen Scalza – Asset Forfiture
Detective James Albanese – Narcotics Division
Detective Luis Fernandez – Emergency Service Unit 6
Detective Stuart Fishkin – Fleet Services Division
Detective John Russo – TARU
Detective Richard Wentz – Gang Division
Police Officer James Burke – Fleet Services
Police Officer Peter Ciaccio – Medical Division
Police Officer Cheryl Johnson -115 Precinct
Police Officer Robert Kaminski – Fleet Services
Police Officer Shaun Mahoney – 109 Precinct
Police Officer Peter Rodriguez – Bronx Auto Crime

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