“Corporate” creators want Fox News to see its 9/11-themed finale

Creators of the Comedy Central TV show Corporate talked to Matt Wilstein of the Daily Beast, telling him that “Remember Day,” the final episode of the show’s season, will reference an imaginary holiday invented by their fictional corporation that encourages people to give tacky gifts on the anniversary of the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.The fictional originator of the exploitation then goes through a change rather like Scrooge’s journey in A Christmas Carol.

Co-creator of the show Jake Weisman said “Honestly, I want Fox News to see it and I want them to get really mad. Because I think that’s the best possible thing for the show. I want Fox News to see the finale and say, ‘This is why America is being destroyed.’”

The team says they are only suggesting that a corporation could exploit something to make money.

A clip of the episode can be seen here.

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