Bill would tighten truck rental ID requirements

A new bill will be introduced tomorrow in New York’s City Hall in an attempt to stave off vehicular attacks such as the one that killed eight people on a Lower Manhattan bicycle path on October 31, 2017.

If the bill passes, anyone renting a truck will have to have their identification verified by the rental company. At present, renters can rent a truck with an app or at a kiosk without having to show ID. This could be exploited by terrorists, who could coerce someone else to pay for the vehicle, and pick up the keys without revealing their identities.

Police Commissioner James O’Neill told Rocco Parascandola for the New York Daily News, “If you have to rent a truck in person, it’s an opportunity to see who’s renting those vehicles, and if there is anything suspicious, they can contact the NYPD for an investigation.”

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