Avoiding the flu: tips for those with a weakened immune system

Those with weakened immune systems, like many of those sick from exposure to World Trade Center site toxins, need to be especially careful about getting sick. During this bad flu season, Bonnie Annis of Cure Today.com, a magazine for those dealing with cancer, offers tips to avoid the flu.

  • Wash your hands with soap and water or use hand sanitizer. (If someone wants to shake your hand, you can always explain you’re not feeling well and avoid those possible germs.)
  • Avoid close, face-to-face, contact with infected persons. (Wear a disposable face mask if necessary.)
  • Plan ahead. (If you need to be out in public, try to avoid crowds. Planning shopping trips during off times will help you avoid the possibility of coming into contact with more germs. Many grocery stores now offer a curbside pickup, or you can order your groceries online.)
  • Stay away from those who are sick. (Although this is common sense, it’s easy to forget when you want to be with friends or family.)
  • Remind family members to cover their mouths and noses if they sneeze.
  • Avoid stress
  • Drink plenty of water and get plenty of rest.
  • Take additional vitamin C.
  • Eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Talk to your doctor about vaccines and get advice on whether or not you should be immunized against the flu.
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