‘A common thief’: Ex-NYPD veteran-turned-lawyer Gustavo Vila to plead guilty in $1 million scam of cancer-stricken Ground Zero cop

Retired NYPD Officer John Ferreyra, 59, suffers from World Trade Center-related non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma from his months at the recovery effort. He hired an ex-cop turned lawyer to help him file his 9/11 Victim Compensation Fund paperwork. That now-disbarred lawyer, Gustavo Vila, stole 90% of the money Ferreyra was entitled to.

Now Vila is expected to plead guilty in court, reports .

“I trusted a fellow NYPD officer and I felt totally violated when I learned that he was a common thief and a liar,” Ferreyra told Larry McShane of the New York Daily News. “His clear intent was to loot from me and the 9/11 Victim Fund.”

Vila was disbarred for a different crime.

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