9/11 Fund Donates to Police Union in Memory of Ramsey Victim

Shortly after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 the parents of Gregory Wachtler, 25, asked their hometown police force, the Ramsey Police Department, to help them search for their son. Tragically, Gregory Wachtler was killed at Fred Alger Management during the attack.

The Ramsey Police Department became friends with Nassima and Paul Wachlter, and have continued that friendship.

In April of this year, Paul Wachtler died. Throughout his illness, members of the Ramsey Police Department assisted the family.

Now Nassima Wachtler has arranged for the Fred Alger Management Charity Fund to donate $4,500 to the Ramsey PBA Local 155 in Paul and Gregory’s honor.

The Fred Alger Management Charity Fund honors the 35 Fred Alger Management employees killed on 9/11, reports Daniel Hubbard, Patch.

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