17 years after 9/11, former NYPD cop Peter Woods still battles serious health problems

NYPD Sergeant Peter Woods was a healthy man who very seldom called in sick. That all changed with the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Now Woods, 57, who is retired from the NYPD, battles sarcoidosis, sinusitis, heart disease, sleep apnea, and kidney problems. Since 2005, he has had a kidney transplant, two insertions of heart stents, and triple bypass surgery. Some of his illnesses are covered by the World Trade Center Health Program; some, despite their prevalence among recovery workers, are not.

Kidney and heart disease are widespread among those exposed to World Trade Center contaminants, but are not covered by the World Trade Center Health Program. Woods is fighting to get these and other illnesses common to the WTC population covered.

“There are so many diseases that took too long – it took 14 years to recognize some cancers. People died prior to getting that recognition,” he said.”My kidneys were destroyed by 9/11, but it’s not a problem recognized officially,” he told reporters from Healthday.

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