WTC’s elevated Liberty Park readying for summer launch & Anne Frank sapling planted

Liberty Park, which will be an acre of plants, trees and benches overlooking the World Trade Center site, should open this summer, reports Irene Plagianos in DNA Info. A precise opening date has yet to be determined.

A special feature of the park is the Anne Frank sapling. The tree, a horse chestnut descended from the one outside the window of Anne Frank’s Secret Annexe, was planted there earlier this week by the Sapling Project.

The park sits on top of the vehicle security center just south of the World Trade Center. The St. Nicholas National Shrine is being built in the park. The shrine, a domed marble structure designed by Santiago Calatrava will be there in place of St. Nicholas Church, the beloved Greek Orthodox church destroyed in the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.

For pictures and renderings of what the site will ultimately look like, please click here.

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