World Trade Center observatory, with 360-degree views of New York, is unveiled

By Jason Sheftell New York Daily News

Officials showed off the new “top of the world,” the One World Observatory atop the One World Trade Center tower.

Port Authority officials unveiled Tuesday the stunning view from the top of One World Trade Center, a 360-degree eagle’s eye panorama that will instantly become one of the city’s premiere tourist attractions when it is completed in 2015.The view from the 102nd floor makes New York City flat like a pancake.

And it will do more than that — it will heal some wounds.

“Just like the rejuvenation of lower Manhattan after 9/11, this building will rise and be a symbol to the world of New York City’s might and capabilities,” said David Samson, chairman of the Port Authority.

“The best view in the world will be restored like the building,” he added.

The new One World Observatory will occupy the 100th through 102nd floors of the Ground Zero skyscraper, which is already the tallest building in the city.

Ticket prices were not revealed, but some details emerged. Visitors will be whisked from the lobby to the 100th floor in 60 seconds, then enter a lobby where they will hear the voices of construction workers who built the original Twin Towers and their symbolic replacement.

Then, one floor up, tourists will enter a theater called “See Forever” to watch a movie about New York history. At the end of the movie, the screen itself will rise, giving visitors the full northerly view.

The observatory itself is one floor up.

Throughout the visit, history of the rise of One World Trade will remind people of the triumph of spirit.“In one of the most important buildings in the world, we’ll bring back the most important view in the world,” said Dave Checketts, CEO of Legends, the sports and entertainment company that will run the observatory. The company is owned by the Dallas Cowboys, the New York Yankees and the Checketts Partners Investment Fund.

Gallery A will have floor-to-ceiling windows more than 1,250 feet above the ground. The entire visit will take approximately one hour.“Every guest will be educated, informed and entertained,” Checketts said. “It’s an experience, not a visit.”

Officials estimated the observatory will earn $875 million over its first 15-year lease.

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