World Trade Center column sits hidden in Amsterdam, NY park

Rachel Yonkunas News 10

Amsterdam, NY — Four years ago, the city of Amsterdam purchased [sic – none of the World Trade Center was sold] a column from the fallen World Trade Center. But now it sits far away in a corner of Riverlink Park.

It was placed there because the city intended to build a memorial around the column.

“I think those plans were quite ambitious and needed quite a bit of funding,” Amsterdam Parks and Recreation Director Rob Spagnola said.

As a result, that project was never completed, and the city never expected a new plan would take so long.

“We meant no disrespect,” Amsterdam Mayor Ann Thane said. “Just didn’t have the money at the time to put it up.”

But now Amsterdam has acquired money from Insurance Recovery. The city council also recently approved a $10,000 project to finally build the 9/11 memorial.

The column was placed in the farthest corner of the park. Many people never even knew it was there.

“We actually live right there, and I never knew that it was right there,” Austin Keefe said.

“Personally, I would have thought they had it by the flags or by city hall,” Dean Brooks said.

City officials will consider moving the column to a more prominent location while the memorial is being constructed. The next meeting is in May.

The recreation commission will hold a public meeting to discuss design plans and will look for ideas from residents on the column’s permanent home as well as a temporary home to keep it in the public eye.

Mayor Thane said the column is a priority for them, and it will go up.

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