Work on Flight 93 Tower of Voices chimes continues 10 months after dedication

Work on the Flight 93 Tower of Voices wind chime is very slow, with only eight of the forty chimes currently installed and nearly a year after its dedication.

National Parks Service spokeswoman Sally Mayberry told Stephen Huba of the Tribune-Review,“while the timeline is longer than anticipated, we are committed to providing a chime system that appropriately honors each of the passengers and crew members and will stand the test of time.”

Eight prototype chimes were installed for last year’s dedication; but their performance was deemed substandard and work continues on the complex project.

The 40 chimes, one for each voice silenced aboard Flight 93 in the 9/11 terrorist attacks, range from 5 feet high to 10 feet high and will be housed in a 93-foot tower where the wind will play 40 voices.

No completion date has been decided upon. It is hoped that the chimes will be ready by this year’s 9/11 commemoration, but that is uncertain.

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