With each new mass shooting, San Bernardino terror attack victims worry about being ‘forgotten’

Three years have passed since the December 2, 2015 San Bernardino terror attack killed 14 people and wounded 22. Some of the 57 survivors of the workplace shooting by ISIS supporters spoke to Richard K. De Atley of The Press-Enterprise about PTSD, how other shootings affect them, and how hard it was to get help.

A workers’ comp attorney interviewed said that roughly 80% of her clients from San Bernardino will be taking medical retirement.

While local authorities say they went beyond the call of duty in helping the victims, victims have tales of delays and denials that made their predicaments even harder to bear.

The constant news of other shootings reopens wounds as well.

“As each one happens, the other one is being forgotten. There was a shooting at a synagogue just before Thousand Oaks, and then by Thousand Oaks, the synagogue is forgotten. These are scores of people being murdered, and each one before is forgotten,” said Julie Swann-Paez who lost part of her pelvis in the attack.

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