What is happening with the WTC sphere?

By Greg Mocker WPIX – New York

The Sphere, credit WPIX

The Sphere, credit WPIX

For three decades it was a fixture in the original World Trade Center Plaza.

After the buildings were attacked on September 11th, the WTC Sphere was moved to Battery Park.

An eternal flame was lit on the one year anniversary near the sculpture by Fritz Koenig. Due to renovations at the park, the sphere was moved in December 2013 to an area closer to the water. The city landscaped the area and is not planning another move.

Neither The Port Authority or September 11th Memorial responded to questions about their agency’s plans for the sphere. Some family members have lobbied to have the sphere placed back in its original location.

There has been talk of a permanent placement Liberty Park, near the Memorial site.

The New York City Parks Department says the $15.5 million renovation of the 12 acres at Battery Park will include a bikeway and walkway and 10 monuments are being restored and relocated to the perimeter for “better placement and increased visibility.”

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