‘What happened to the funds raised?’ “This Morning” viewers rage at the lack of help for teenagers caught up in the Manchester bombings – after 16-year-old survivor takes ‘scissors to her wrists’

Two teenage girls who survived the Manchester Arena bomb attacks told British television viewers that they have pleaded for mental health care, but have received little help, reports Jo Tweedy for the Daily Mail.

Sixteen-year-old Emily Orchard, who is autistic and fourteen-year-old Kallie Fenton appeared on popular show This Morning and told viewers that nearly a year after the bombings, they are struggling. Emily has cut herself with scissors and considered suicide. Kallie, who is on a mental health waiting list, is very withdrawn and has difficulty relating to friends who were not at the Arena.

Both girls use a Facebook support group of 166 survivors and estimate that 90% of the group are also having difficulty getting the mental health help they need.

The May 22, 2017 bombing after an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester murdered 22 people and injured hundreds more.

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