Victims of bike path terror attack file $600M suit against city

Family members of seven of the eight people murdered in the October 31, 2017 bicycle-path terror attack have filed to sue New York City and the state of NY, claiming that both knew that the path was vulnerable to an attack and did nothing to prevent it.

Their argument cites the two separate incidents on that path when drunk drivers killed cyclists and the fact that in 2010 the Department of Homeland Security had warned about urban vehicle attacks, reports Julia Marsh in the NY Post.

Claimants include the wives of the five Argentinian friends killed in the attack – Diego Angelini, Ariel Erlij, Hernan Ferruchi, Hernan Mendoza, and Alejandro Pagnucco; the mother of Nicholas Cleves, the only New Yorker killed in the attack, and the family of Belgian Anne-Laure Decadt. The family of the eighth person killed, Darren Drake of New Jersey, filed a separate suit in November 2017. Some of the injured have also filed suit.

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