USS New York will return home after 8-month deployment

Christy Turner WOKV TV

Jacksonville, FL —More than 360 sailors aboard the USS New York will be reunited with their families after an eight-month deployment at sea Sunday.

Bill Austin, the Naval Station Mayport Public Affairs Officer, says there’s a lot of excitement surrounding their arrival at Naval Station Mayport.

“Many of them [family members] probably won’t sleep the night before. That’s the same with the sailors,” said Austin. “Lots of excitement, lots of cheering, certainly lots of hugs and kisses on the pier.”

The ship will make its final journey back after spending time in several seas, including the Mediterranean and Arabian.

While deployed, they sailed more than 15,000 miles, completed 21 replenishments at sea, and supported 2,646 flights totaling more than 30,400 flight hours.

Additionally, USS New York made several port visits to strengthen ties between the U.S. Navy and host nations.

“Their pride, true grit, and service to our country is very much appreciated,” said Austin.

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