This Week on “Boston EMS” EMTs Thank their Patient When They Discover He Was a 9/11 Responder

Alyssa Bernstein ABC News Boston

Boston EMS continues this week, taking viewers to the streets of Boston to deliver an intimate portrait of the proud men and women of the nation’s most seasoned group of first responders.

Viewers ride along with some of the EMTs and paramedics who responded to the desperate calls of runners and spectators when bombs exploded at the Boston Marathon more than two years ago. They treated horribly injured patients at the scene and then ferried them to Boston’s outstanding hospitals. Their professionalism earned the gratitude of a shell-shocked and grief-stricken city. But every day, the 350 men and women of the EMS are there, in all seasons and at all hours, serving up medical expertise accompanied by compassion and even friendship.

The series is part of this summer’s one-two punch from ABC offering viewers a unique glimpse into real-life medicine. Its companion series is the critically-praised Save My Life: Boston Trauma, a tour de force inside Boston’s top hospital ERs, airing Sundays at 10:00 PM/ET. Boston EMS airs Saturday, August 15 at 10:00pm on the ABC Television Network.

In episode four, a driver who gets rear-ended reveals he was at Ground Zero during the 9/11 attacks. Through his stories as a photographer and volunteer on that fateful day, EMTs find a renewed pride in their roles as first responders.

Also in this episode, an EMT arrives at the scene of a motorcycle accident that hits close to home, and she must suppress her own harrowing flashbacks in order to care for the victim.

Elsewhere, paramedics and police shut down the subway in search of a person who jumped the tracks; an elderly man who suffered a fall texts his wife from the ambulance to the amusement of his EMTs; a paramedic rushes to the scene of an accident involving one of his own ambulances.

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