Surviving 9/11, still

Fifteen years after the September 11th terrorist attacks, survivor Lori Schertzer Brody remembers her escape and her younger brother, Scott, 28, who was killed in the attacks, writes Sue Dremann in the Palo Alto Weekly.

Scott Schertzer had nightmares and premonitions for a month before the attacks. prior to the attacks. He was distressed at having to lay off 50 people from his company, Cantor Fitzgerald, on September 10, and he dreaded it.

‘”He kept saying, ‘They’re after me. The bad guys are coming,” ‘said Brody.

Brody was on the 14th floor of the Deutsche Bank, across the street from the south tower, on the morning of September 11, 2001.She and her colleagues ran for their lives when the south tower was hit by terrorists piloting Flight 175.

Now living in California, Brody feels disconnected from memorial events.

‘”Back east the major networks will run a memorial with the names at the bottom. Here, you are lucky if you see a five-minute glimpse as they are discussing the traffic on the highway.It’s just an ordinary day. If you are back east it’s not an ordinary day. It’s families — it’s people who died. It’s not just a building that came down and the lawsuits over the buildings and the rents that were afterward,” she said.

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