Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh sought to cap 9/11 payouts to victims’ families at $500G

Current Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh was White House counsel to President George W. Bush at the time of the terrorist attacks of 9/11 He urged that a $500,000 cap be put on payouts to victims’ family members.

Special Master of the Victims Compensation Fund, Kenneth Feinberg and other officials disagreed. Among the factors Feinberg used to make decisions on funds was “the economic loss suffered as a result of the victim’s premature death.”

The payments to family members were largely made to save the airline industry from lawsuits. To receive funds, family members signed away their rights to sue the airlines for careless security. Most families agreed, though 95 people did not, and settled lawsuits with the airlines, reports Reuven Blau for the New York Daily News.

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