Student suspended over 9/11 incident

Staff Report Rutland Herald

A Middlebury College student has been suspended for a year following her involvement in the vandalism of a 9/11 memorial.

Anna Shireman-Grabowski had previously identified herself on a blog following the incident on September 11, the 12th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks.

Shireman-Grabowski along with several individuals tore up miniature American flags that had been placed in front of Mead Chapel on the campus to honor those who lost their lives during the attack.

She posted a message on the MiddBeat blog that said placing the flags disrespected an ancient Abenaki burial ground.

In a statement posted on its website, the college said the Middlebury Community Judicial Board convened on September 24 to consider disciplinary action against the student.

“The board found the student responsible for violating the following College policies: General Conduct Standards, Respect for Persons, and Respect for Property. It imposed a sanction of a one-year suspension, which was upheld on appeal on Oct. 9.”

In issuing its statement, the college did not name the student.

Others involved in the incident were identified by the college as “a Canadian national and political activist who had been invited to the campus by the Middlebury student.”

The college said while the identities of the three other individuals were unknown there is “no evidence that any of them are Middlebury students.”

Students who confronted Shireman-Grabowski and the others were able to retrieve some of the flags and put them back. The college said other students purchased additional flags for the commemorative memorial.

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