Street Renamed for NYPD Detective, Tommy Merriweather, who Died of Cancer after Working Ground Zero

Greg Cergol Channel 4 NYC 

To see a video about the street renaming, please click here.

An everyday hero was remembered Friday as lawmakers renamed a Bay Shore street in honor of a fallen NYPD detective.

Twenty-year department veteran Tommy Merriweather, 49, died of cancer in 2013, after working at ground zero following 9/11.

His wife, two sons and a crowd of family and friends lined the street as a sign reading “Det. 1st Grade Tommy Merriweather Drive” was unveiled.

“He’s an inspiration to everyone,” said his oldest son, Tommy Merriweather III. “He’s watching over us today.”

Merriweather’s wife Jacqueline said Tommy spent months working the “pile” after the attack on the World Trade Center.

“He wanted to help,” Jacqueline said. “He was caring and giving.”

Merriweather was also a decorated Army veteran and a Scoutmaster for the Boy Scouts of America.

“Somebody might say, ‘We’ll take Tommy back. You can keep the street sign.’ But this is an honor,” said Carey Billingy, Merriweather’s NYPD partner for some 15 years.

“If you would have met Tommy, you would have said, ‘Yeah, he deserves it.'”

Merriweather’s oldest son said there were times he wished his father never went to ground zero, “but there was no stopping him.”

“This is one more reason why Congress has to continue to provide health care benefits and compensation to all victims of 9/11,” said Rep. Peter King, also on hand to honor Merriweather.

King is among a group of lawmakers working to extend the federal Zadroga benefits due to begin expiring later this year.

“Not every hero wears a cape,” said Islip town supervisor Angie Carpenter. “Seeing his name on that sign is going to remind people that everyday people, just doing their jobs, are heroes.”

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