Son of Luis Alvarez gets his dream job of being cop – for a day

Tyler Alvarez, 20, has Asperger’s syndrome, which prevents him from his dream of becoming a police officer. But he became a cop for a day recently.

His father, retired NYPD Detective Luis Alvarez, became famous for the speech he made in front of Congress this summer – a speech that made Congress finally fund the Zadroga bill to help those, like Luis Alvarez, who became ill from the toxins at the remains of the World Trade Center. Luis Alvarez entered hospice days after his speech, dying shortly thereafter at age 53, reports Craig Schneider for Newsday.

In his father’s honor, Tyler Alvarez was sworn in as a Suffolk County PD “Emergency Service Officer for a Day” and participated in a drill, and received a badge with his father’s number, 1361.

“It’s all good,” said Tyler. “My dad is very proud.”

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