Some workers struggling with 9/11 illnesses still don’t have unlimited sick time two months after deal announced

Though City Hall “gave” site workers unlimited sick leave several months ago, the benefit has not come through for everyone, reports Jillian Jorgensen for the Daily News.

Linda Mercer, an NYPD traffic agent with inoperable liver cancer from her time downtown after the attacks, has not received unlimited sick leave. She needs more chemo next month and has no time left

Office of Labor Relations counsel Steven Banks said that the decision to offer the benefit was partly the various unions to make.

Mayor’s spokesman Raul Contreras told reporters, “We’re encouraging the remaining unions to sign onto this deal to make this benefit available to all heroes who responded to 9/11 and its aftermath. At the same time, we’re working around the clock with unions, city agencies and WTC Health Programs to implement the technical infrastructure that will deliver this benefit to countless heroes.”

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