Slow start for schools’ WTC awareness effort

The new initiative to educate the roughly 20,000 alumni of Lower Manhattan schools who were exposed to World Trade Center-related toxins had a slow start with only about 50 attending the first session.

Students and staff from 29 area schools are at risk for September 11th-related illnesses.

Lila Nordstrom, a survivor from Stuyvesant High School, and founder of StuyHealth, was not discouraged by the small attendance numbers, telling Bob Hennelly of The Chief-Leader, “I wasn’t disappointed by the turnout, because a lot of students don’t live in the city anymore and rarely come out in large numbers to events like this. For me it was still productive because I ran into a few former students from Murry Bergtraum High School and other area schools I haven’t gotten much traction with. With social media, that can be a jumping-off point to connect with other students from those schools and get the message to them.”

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