Short list for Guantanamo hearings

Dear 9/11 Families,

On Monday, the military judge ruled on the Defense Motion to Abate the Proceedings. A copy of the order (Appellate Exhibit 155II) is attached to this email.

The Commission also issued a new scheduling order dated 1 October 2013; that order (Appellate Exhibit 229 Corrected) is attached. November and January hearings have been cancelled; new hearings have been set for February and April 2014.

VWAP now has a toll free number that we will use to announce scheduled hearing dates. If a hearing is cancelled, or if court is adjourned for the day, we will post current court schedules in voicemail. The number is 855-444-1225. Please do not leave messages on this line.

SHORT LIST FOR OCTOBER: If you would like to participate in the short list for October, please contact me ASAP and fill out the enclosed travel form. If you have already filled out the form and put yourself on the list, an email verifying your availability for October will suffice. Dates of travel to/from GTMO for October hearings: 21-26 October 2013.

SHORT LIST FOR DECEMBER: The December hearing dates are scheduled from 16-20 December 2013. We recognize that this may cause problems due to their proximity to the holidays. The families who planned to travel to GTMO in November will be given the first opportunity to travel in December. We will institute the short lottery system to fill any remaining slots for the December hearings. Please contact me by close of business Friday, October 11th if you would like to participate. You will need to be available for travel to/from GTMO 14-21 December 2013.

Karen Loftus Director, VWAP and VFM CCTV Programs
Office of the Chief Prosecutor of Military Commissions

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