Pulling teeth: Dental study examines kids’ post-9/11 toxic exposure

Scientists at Mount Sinai Hospital are seeking the baby teeth of Lower Manhattan children born shortly after the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center for analysis for possible health issues stemming from the attacks, writes Yannic Rack of the Downtown Express.

Downtown residents are asked to send their kids’ baby teeth — or drop them off at the hospital —  care of Dr. Manish Arora or Dr. Roberto Lucchini. You can contact them at roberto.lucchini@mssm.edu or manish.arora@mssm.edu.

“We’re looking for maybe two, three, four teeth of children that were born right after 9/11, or where mothers were pregnant at the time of 9/11 — that would be the best situation,” said Dr. Roberto Lucchini of the Division of Occupational Medicine at Mount Sinai.

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