Pueblo Young Marines Take Over Care of 9/11 Memorial

Maddie Garrett KOAA 5

An abandoned September 11th memorial in Pueblo West was tattered and trashed, until the Pueblo Young Marines took it over this past week. The Liberty Point Memorial was dedicated in 2002 by a Pueblo West firefighter to honor all who lost their lives in the 9/11 attacks.

Pueblo Young Marines tend the Liberty Point 9/11 Memorial. Photo KOAA 5.

Pueblo Young Marines tend the Liberty Point 9/11 Memorial. Photo KOAA 5.

But since then, it appears whoever was taking care of the memorial passed away and no one had picked up the job of caretaker, until now.

When the Pueblo Young Marines first heard about the disrepair of the Liberty Point 9/11 Memorial they decided to take over its care. When the young volunteers first arrived at the site, they found it “very messy” and the flag was tattered and torn.

“There was trash all over the place,” said Young Marine Owen Burden.

No one had taken care of the site or the colors.

“It’s kind of disrespectful to our country and those who lost their lives to protect it,” said Burden of the torn flag.

The Young Marines couldn’t allow the memorial to stay like that, so they stepped up to the plate.

“It’s nice to take on the duty of keeping it clean and showing that people actually remember,” said Pueblo Young Marines Platoon Sergeant, Juanita Gallegos.

That is after all what this memorial is all about – remembrance.

“Hopefully we can just keep maintenance up,” added Burden. “I enjoy being able to help the community.”

More than a new flag and a facelift, the Liberty Point 9/11 Memorial has new guardians too.

“I’m guessing we’re going to check on it a couple times every week to make sure it’s clean, make sure the flag isn’t torn up,” said Gallegos.

They may not be true Marines just yet, but they certainly act like it.

The Pueblo Young Marines leaders said the old flag will be properly retired soon. The youth organization focuses on service and promotes a drug free life style, and is for both boys and girls, ages eight through completion of high school.

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