Prosecutor calls bragging, 2009 proclamation a Guantánamo confession to 9/11 attacks

One of the war court prosecutors has argued that a statement made by the five alleged plotters of the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 in the 2009 document The Islamic Response to the Government’s Nine Accusations can be used as a confession at their death-penalty trial reports Carol Rosenberg in the Miami Herald. The names of all the men on trial appear as signatories on the Islamic Response.

Some of the defense lawyers disagreed, calling the Islamic Response document prejudicial. They have asked that the Islamic Response be sealed and excluded from evidence.

Watching the hearing were five September 11th families — relatives of Richard Aronow, Canadian siblings Christine and Michael Egan, Prem Nath Jerath, and Jonathan “J.R.” Ryan and recovery worker Charles Kaczorowski of the DDC.

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