Pins from 9/11 flight crew members on display at Ft. Worth museum

By Brandon Todd My Fox
Adapted for web by Sarah Crandall

Pins from crew of Flight 77 on display at C.R. Smith Museum

Pins from crew of Flight 77 on display at C.R. Smith Museum

Two important pins belonging to American Airlines crew members killed in the 9/11 Pentagon crash are now back with the airline.

They were found at the crash site at the Pentagon, and are now part of the C.R. Smith Museum in Fort Worth.

A center director for the USO in Delaware saw the two pins from the American Airlines crew of Flight 77 on display at Dover Air Force Base and contacted American Airlines about them.

That was more than a year ago. Now, those pins are at the airline’s museum.

Marc Flagg understands how important symbolism is when it comes to September 11.

He still has items from the wreckage that belonged to his parents, Bud and Darlene Flagg, who were passengers on Flight 77 that crashed into the Pentagon.

His father flew for American for 31 years.

“And everybody looks at things differently, but it’s meaningful to some people, and that’s well worth it all the way around,” said Flagg.

Although they are tiny, he says two pins worn by crew members of Flight 77 are monumental.

“The pins represent a lot of things for the flight attendants and for the crew members from American Airlines, and also to the family members to what transpired,” said Flagg.

It’s believed that the wings were worn by the co-pilot because of their color, but which flight attendant on Flight 77 wore the union pin is unknown.

“The pins symbolize again, our crews, our family, our passengers and the sacrifice they endured on that day, and we have to honor that continuously,” said Keith Wilson, President of the Allied Pilots Association.

For families of 9/11 victims who visit the museum, a memorial garden is in place, where they can peacefully reflect.

“I was happy that part of the country and part of America has something back, and that there is something to remember them by, because there wasn’t a lot left from Flight 77 at the Pentagon, nor from Flight 11 or any of the other aircraft,” said Flagg.

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