Petition to rename park for Police Officer Bruce Reynolds, PAPD

Police Officer Bruce Reynolds, (1960-2001), was a Port Authority police officer who on the morning of September 11, 2001 rushed from his post at the George Washington Bridge to the World Trade Center, sacrificed himself on that day to save countless others.

Police Officer Bruce Reynolds, PAPD

Police Officer Bruce Reynolds, PAPD

Bruce Reynolds was the son of J.A. Reynolds and Geri Reynolds. The family moved from Pittsburgh, PA to Inwood, NY when Bruce was five, becoming part of the fabric of the neighborhood.

After working with his father on a youth program for neighborhood children, Officer Reynolds joined the Parks Department as an Urban Ranger and then, in 1986, joined the Port Authority Police. He served there valiantly until his death on September 11, 2001.

A petition is making the rounds to honor Officer Reynolds by naming the circle at the end of the street where Bruce Reynolds’ father still lives, after this brave, courageous man.

Please petition Manhattan’s Community Board 12 (CB12M) to co-name the Park Terrace East Circle Police Officer Bruce Reynolds Circle by clicking here.
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