Pete Rettler’s run raises record amount for Wisconsin 9/11 Memorial

Pete Rettler, 56, of West Bend, Wisconsin has been running to raise funds for the Wisconsin 9/11 Memorial, sometimes running while pushing his new granddaughter in her stroller. After a 1994 bet, he has run every day for 27 years. Not only did 2020 and injury not stop his run, he raised double the amount he intended to raise, earning $4,700 for the Wisconsin 9/11 Memorial in Kewaskum, WI.

Gordon Haberman, father of Andrea Haberman, who was killed in the 9/11 terrorist attacks, is one of the founders of the Wisconsin 9/11 Memorial, told Judy Steffes for the Washington County Insider, “I did a rough calculation and today would be the 9,855th day that Pete has put on his running shoes and braved the elements to keep his streak going,” said Haberman. “That’s amazing. This marks the second anniversary Pete has designated the Wisconsin 9/11 Memorial as the recipient of donations from his run.”

The Wisconsin 9/11 Memorial is expected to open by mid-2021.

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