Overlooking the forest for the trees – spate of ‘super-tall’ towers will swell count of Lower Manhattan households

Matthew Fenton, in the January, 25, 2016 issue of the Daily Broadsheet, discusses the many “super-tall” apartment buildings currently being built or scheduled to be built throughout Lower Manhattan.

Beginning with Eight Spruce Street, now 30 Park Place, 125 Greenwich Street, 45 Broad Street, 77 Greenwich Street, 50 West Street, 45 Park Place, and 111 Murray Street all rise or will rise to great heights — often with tiny widths. All these buildings will be residential.

Concerns are being raised about how Lower Manhattan will support the many new residents. Already, area schools are overcrowded. The Broadsheet estimates that there will be 1,177 new homes in Lower Manhattan once construction is complete.

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