On fourth anniversary of Boston Marathon bombings, a day of public service, resiliency and strength

Boston marked the fourth anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombings with good deeds in honor of the victims, reports Jaweed Kaleem in the LA Times. “One Boston Day,” as it is known, is a mass community service day. A moment of silence was held at 2:49pm, the time of the bombing.

The Marathon itself was run on Monday, cheering all the way. Thirty thousand people ran in the event.

Marty Walsh, mayor of Boston said, “The Boston Marathon is a key part of our city’s identity, and continues to show the world that Boston is strong, and our traditions will endure, no matter what. The spirit of the day on April 15 shows the best of Boston: how Bostonians from all backgrounds come together to line the streets, celebrate one another and do good for their community.”

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